>My story is not different than yours, it starts the same as yours and it finishes exactly the same way we all loved and been loved and we are all going to die regadless your skin colour your finance your status we are all going six feetunder

style="color:#FFFFFF">The only thing is before we end up the how we are going to live our lives , some suffer to get by the day others not and some have so much money they don't know what to do with it. And instead of helping their employees to make their life comfortable they do nothing. I wonder how much money do you need till you die ?

And today I sit back and I am thinking or day dreaming about life simple life with peace friends a social life and I miss all of that because I am in isolation to stop the corona virus because our stupid government has done nothing to protect us absolutely nothing, because of them I/we misss all the little things in life who keep us alive.

I was Born and raised on Planet Earth

Yes I believe this is true I was born on the same planet as all of you and I got involved with music while i was very young, because of my poor background music was my escape to the dreams I use to dream off, coming back to reality it was hard to adjust on my every day life, as soon as i could I left home and found myself in the capital full of life and lights people are about 24/7 I was start living my dream but one little detail. missing

Nowhere to sleep and it was winter and freezing cold I thought I am not going to make it som nights worse than others. I sell myself for a cinema ticket just to feel warm and I did felt the heat. But I was riching for my dream and nothing was stopping me I was full on and after couple of months things start to look roses. A job landed and money coming in and as hard working as I was I found myself behind the decks and my music started to take shape and life, I am alive

Music Industry is a tuff one if you don't know people you are nobody and to meet them you have to play the game and the game is not an easy one, compromises and great deal of effort has to be made and that got me somewhere . The first gig was a night of cold sweat and terror pleasure fun agony and more sweat.

Things You Need to Know

You hear excuses all the time for why people don’t go after their dreams. Age is one of them. “Oh I’m too old” or “No one will take me seriously I’m so young” are just a few of the things people will say.We are all aware of how little of time we get to spend on this earth. Using age as the reason you can’t chase your dream is wasting that precious time.

While others' aspirations may wilt and fade, those who work hard and commit to their dreams will transform them into lifelong passions, showing there's no right or wrong time to go after what you want. here should be no excuses, no ifs, ands, or buts when it comes to your dream. At the end of the day, you live your own life and it is your own future in front of you. No one can take that away from you. Take time to reflect and make sure you haven’t become your own worst enemy.

If you are constantly pushing yourself down and thinking “I can’t do this” then you will not get anywhere. You have to learn how to motivate yourself to go after whatever it is you want. One reason many of us fail to achieve our dreams is because we don’t set ourselves accountable. One way to combat this is by telling people you trust about your dreams and plans, and asking for help to achieve them. You can have this person remind you to stay focused, keep you on schedule, and can be emotionally supportive.

Fusce interdum justo quis libero ultricies

Write down your dreams and goals and have it on hand. You can spend time reflecting on your dream each day so you stay focused. Create a calendar or timetable that has deadlines specific for your goals. Without a deadline, your dreams will quickly fade away and you will begin to push them off.

Setting a time will encourage you to become more dedicated because you will want to achieve your goals in the time you allotted. It will help you keep your eye on the ultimate prize. It doesn’t matter what stage you are in your life you will be tempted to compare yourself to others.Focus on what you need to do to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Everybody else is busy working on their dreams; you should do the same.