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My Most Popular tracks on Soundcloud

1. Loose Control

2. Obsession

3. The Sun and The Stars

4. Teksoundz

5.Put Your Handz Up

6.My Medusa

7.Get Up & Dance

8. When It's Over

9.With U or Without U


All tracks are written and Produced by IliasRo Available on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music


My Favourite Tracks

1.Me Against Myself

2.One am

3.Any Dream

4.Second Chance

5.Alternative Warning

6.Like a Broken Glass

7.Always Something Better

8.Dreaming of Reality

9.79% Not 69%

10.Lost Souls

All tracks are written and Produced by IliasRo Available on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music



Disco music can be described as a genre of music which contains the elements of funk, soul, pop and salsa. It started in the US in the mid-1960s, and its popularity rose in the mid-1970s. ... The term disco was coined from a French word, discotheque, which means library of phonograph records.

What influenced disco music?

soul music, especially the Philly and New York soul, both of which were evolutions of Detroit's Motown sound. Soul is a popular music genre that originated in the United States in the 1950s and early 1960s.

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High Energy

Never seen before, not until now, this detailed history was filmed in 2002 and has now been made available for the fans. It contains some treasured interviews of people no longer with us. Bear in mind when watching people's comments that they spoke is of them over sixteen years ago. This is a cut down edited version from the original seven hours, so therefore, over half of the artists credited on it, are omitted from this version, which we edited together as a greatest hits version.

Thanks to Ian Levine for putting this online [this video is hosted exclusively on his YouTube channel]

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Tribal house is a sub-genre of house music similar in structure to deep house, but providing elements of ethnic or “indigenous” musical percussions (most typically of African or South American origin, and thus reminiscient of “tribal” music within those contintents).

What is tribal house music?

Tribal house is a subgenre of house music which combines traditional house music with world music. It is similar in structure to deep house, but provides elements of ethnic or indigenous musical percussions (typically conga drums or its synthesized derivative).

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His parties are credited with having kick-started the New York hip-hop movement in 1973. A technique developed by DJ Kool Herc that became popular in hip hop culture was playing two copies of the same record on two turntables, in alternation, and at the point where a track featured a break.

Who is the father of EDM?

Jean-Michel Jarre, the father of EDM, on his Grammy nomination and an Abu Dhabi show. Electronic-music veteran Jean-Michel Jarre tells of his pride at being nominated for a Grammy, the enduring appeal of a form of music he helped pioneer more than 40 years ago, and plans for a UAE show.

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Trance Music

Trance music originated during the early 1990s in Germany. Some people insist that it was derived by Klaus Schulze, a music artist from Germany who liked to mix minimalist-sounding music with repetitive rhythms as was evident with his 1988 album "En=Trance".

Trance is a genre of electronic dance music. It is a combination of many styles of dance music, but what sets trance apart is the high rate of BPM (beats per minute) that typically range from the mid 120s up to the 160s. Trance music features a significant amount of synthesized sounds, similar to house and electro music styles, but trance synths tend to be melodic and progressive while the beat remains static. The presence of vocals in trance is what's known as the vocal trance genre.

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New wave

New wave is a genre encompassing numerous rock or pop-oriented music styles popular in the late 1970s and the 1980s with ties to mid-1970s punk rock. New wave moved away from traditional blues and rock and roll sounds to create pop and rock music that incorporated disco, mod and electronic music.

New wave, category of popular music spanning the late 1970s and the early 1980s. Taking its name from the French New Wave cinema of the late 1950s, this catchall classification was defined in opposition to punk (which was generally more raw, rough edged, and political) and to mainstream “corporate” rock (which many new wave upstarts considered complacent and creatively stagnant). The basic principle behind new wave was the same as that of punk—anyone can start a band—but new wave artists, influenced by the lighter side of 1960s pop music and 1950s fashion, were more commercially viable than their abrasive counterparts.

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House Music

The Beginnings of House Music. It all started in Chicago's Southside in 1977, when a new kind of club opened. This new Chicago club called The Warehouse gave House music its name. Frankie Knuckles, who opened The Warehouse, mixed old disco classics and new Eurobeat pop.

Is House music dying?

No. If that's the kind of definition you're looking for, house music is as dead as a doornail. It has been relegated to the dustbin of musical history. It has died, buried, and people have moved on with the rest of their lives.

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Deep house is a subgenre of house music that originated in the 1980s, initially fusing elements of Chicago house with 1980s jazz-funk and touches of soul music. Its origins are attributed to Larry Heard's track "Mystery of Love" in 1984.

What is deep house music?

A definition IF any: "Deep house is a style of house music which fuses elements of Chicago house, jazz-funk, and Detroit techno. Sonic qualities include slower bpm's, fewer vocals, darker emotions, jazz-influences, and dissonant melodies.

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Afro House is a sub-genre of House music, with its roots predominantly in South Africa. A fusion of Kwaito, Tribal, Deep and Soulful House music, in South Africa it is classed as Deep House or Soulful House, although it has its own unique sound.


Afro House is a sub-genre of House music, with its roots predominantly in South Africa. A fusion of Kwaito, Tribal, Deep and Soulful House music, in South Africa it is classed as Deep House or Soulful House, although it has its own unique sound. Africa is the birthplace of mankind and music, and this is reflected in the musical style – particularly in the “stripped back” original percussion sounds and rhythms.

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Progressive House

According to Dave Seaman, house DJs who had originally played what was known as Eurodance borrowed from that the genre. ... Seaman notes that with the various lines between genres having become so blurred that true progressive house is often found "masquerading" as techno, tech house or even deep house.

What is the difference between house and trance?

Although it can be uplifting, trance has a dark mood which can be dramatic too. It has a colder feel or feels more wholly electronic than house. Infusing elements of trance and house with techno music will result in progressive house. ... House music has a live-sound feel whereas trance uses synthetic sounds.

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What is Techno?

Techno is a form of electronic dance music that emerged in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States in the mid-to-late 1980s. Techno is generally repetitive instrumental music, often produced for use in a continuous DJ set.

How was techno music created?

The influences that converged in the 1980s in Detroit, where techno music emerged, were many. Techno was the result of a blend of music, electric jazz, electronic music, electro, funk and Chicago house and the influence of futuristic fictional themes that were influential in American culture at the time.

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What is tech house music?

The term tech house developed as a shorthand record store name for a category of electronic dance music that combined musical aspects of techno, such as "rugged basslines" and "steely beats," with the harmonies and grooves of house music.

Who invented tech house?

Nathan Coles, Terry Francis and Eddie Richards, founders of iconic club night Wiggle, coined the term from two already fairly broad genres in house and techno.

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The UK's Biggest Club Night With 10,000 Capacity Is Opening In Manchester

The biggest club night in the UK is set to open in Manchester in September.

The Warehouse Project is moving to the city's arts and music venue The Depot, located in a former train depot opposite Piccadilly Station, for the second half of the year for their upcoming autumn and winter calendar. The venue's 10,000-person capacity will not only make it the biggest club night in the UK but will put it on a par with the current Guinness Book of World Records holder of the largest nightclub in the world, Privilege in Ibiza, which can also hold 10,000 revellers.

The Warehouse Project's capacity dwarfs all other British superclubs, including East London's Fabric, which can host 1,600 clubbers, and Newcastle's Digital which can fit 1,400 people. It also makes Rotherhithe's Printworks look small, despite its 5,000-person capacity, and adding to the excitement the Warehouse Project's new venue is more than five times the size of their old venue in Manchester's Store Street.

9 Shocking Times Music Was Used As A Military Weapon

The very nature of politics is, like music, rooted in conflict and harmony. The heart of music is the interplay of the physical and the mental, as the compromise between them forms a cohesive whole. Compromise is also the heart of the political process, trying to find common ground and consensus solutions to problems of society through open communication.

Both seek to inspire their targets, and both have made great use of the other to advance their ideas. While we encourage you all to go out and vote today, we thought it would be a fine time to examine the way music and politics have become strangely entwined.

The relationship between music and politics has existed for centuries, sometimes harmoniously, and other times not as much. Historical records are full of examples of songs that laud the achievements of nations, dating all the way back to ancient Egypt. On the other hand, however, songwriters have turned to their craft when confronted with social and political unjustness, and give birth to songs that seek to shine a light on the perceived inequities of the day.

From protest songs to voter campaigns, campaign rallies to musical endorsements and musicians campaigning, there’s been no shortage of love between music and politics.

God’s music is the devil’s work

Music can provide some of the most emotionally cathartic experiences in one's life. It can be connected to romance, sadness, sensuality, anger... Whichever music you prefer, it will have a profound impact on the way you think and feel. Its power over people, then, is hugely significant - so much so, in fact, that there are numerous cases of various armies, governments and police forces using music as a weapon in order to gain a psychological edge over their enemies.

Music has been used to aid with sieges during wars, persuade people to vote in certain ways, to taunt opponents, to disperse crowds and, in many cases, to torture prisoners of war. The diversity of musical styles and artists employed in such a manner is remarkable. Hugely popular metal bands like Metallica, children's television themes such as Sesame Street, blasts of static noise, chart hits from the likes of Britney Spears and Nancy Sinatra, hip-hop from Eminem...

All have been used to pummel people into behaving a certain way. As you can probably imagine, many musicians have been less than thrilled to know that their output is being militarised. Here are nine of the most extreme instances in which music has been used to persuade, destroy or enforce.

The Relationship Between Music And Politics

Today, I was denied by Christ. Christ was closed. The internet had told me that Christ was open until 7pm, but when I arrived by Uber at 6.10pm, I was told Christ wasn’t accessible, and I could only see him through a telescope from five hundred feet away. For an all-encompassing deity, it’s surprising to find that Christ closes at 6pm on Sundays.

This was Christ The Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro, where I’ve been at Rock In Rio, but it’s generally typical of His behaviour. I mean, is there anything Christianity can’t spoil? Sex, drugs, church youth group camping trips, Cotswolds B&B holidays for gays – all ruined.

It’s the God-fearing US right keeping sales of MAGA caps buoyant, global politics unstable and combat grade weaponry on the shelves of supermarkets, right next to the school rucksacks with handy sidearm pockets. It’s the Bible faithful refusing to mount two chaps on top of a rainbow wedding cake,

claiming dominion over the goings-on in other people’s wombs and basically throwing their weight about out of a misguided sense of moral superiority they’ve somehow gained from believing – without question, otherwise it’s eternal arse-truncheon for you, heathen – every line of a compendium of ancient, exaggerated and often contradictory folk stories written in different languages