The About Page Is The hardest page to Fill, There's a lot you want to add but keep it minimal is the best

There are always three things we always need to talk about

The Past

You will think the Past belongs to the Past, a minute just was gone and that is Passed. Wrong! The Past is our worse nightmare as it follows you till you die. The Past is your life your future and of course the present and I hate it, I hate my past and I am looking forward to the future.

I went for an interview and I knew I am not going to get the job for some personal issues but I gave it ago. Everything went perfect I answer to all their questions, the presentation went even better and all this preparation I did it in purpose because I wanted t see what will be the excuse not to give me the job

You are over qualified for this job sir, I said that is a funny thing to say, but you can learn from me than one or two things. That was it because of my past they didn't give me the job, knowing I was good at it but this is how life goes.My past gets in the middle to stop me from having a FUTURE.


The Present

Present is no time at all in general present is when I type the letter then it is past and so on and on. For me present is the moment we live and it just gone , if i have to value present with a dollar I will mark it to 1 cent that all The present has no value some meaning and it does not have any affect for your future.

Unless you do something very bad at the moment then yes it may will affect you but over all it is safe


The Future

Without the past there's No future, The past is very importand where you are in the future, At the Past you shape your future , you pland what do you want to do, where do you want to be, with whom you waant to be with? They are all very importand things , but when we live in the past sometimes we dont think of the future , sometimes the future for some people is the tomorrow and thats what the plan,

When I was living in my past I made no dreams for the future no plans in fact for me there was no future. Living now at the future I regret all the things I haven't done and i wish If I could turn back time my life may have been very different today.Living in my future now and looking at my past I can shange things I have done wrong and do the right thing.

All you have to do copy my page and put yourself in the past present and future and pretend you live in the future and look back , do this and you can see what are you doing is wrong or right it's agreat exercise I just discover!

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