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February 1, 2018

Journal: HIV 30 Years

Early 60’s

Month March I was born and since my first day in life I am searching for the place that I will believe that I belong, My mother was never my Mother same with the Father. Truth, they were my parents but my brain was so out of real life that creating stories was my thing.

I hated violence still do but trouble was after me all the time no matter what I was in the middle of a fight or misunderstanding. Trouble was following me and I became so familiar at the end we became a friends.

My Biggest Troule

When in the army I had my first gay experience, after that the encounters I have had with men were no more than ^ men until I met Nikos my first ever partner, happy as I was because this is how you feel when you fall in love and I thought this is it my life is done from now on I will share my life with him.

Then a year within my relationship the bad news came fast HIV+ at the age of 22 years old and the forecast was after the 6 month period I may die. my life change and change dramatically and after the loss of Nikos my life was empty, lonely and the only close friend i had at the time was my HIV virus, it was with me 24/7 and no choice but we fell in love with each other and the relationship lasts till today and i believe it is going to last for longer.

My New Life

The next pages you will find my new life and how i copy with my HIV virus.


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