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January 31, 2018
One World, One Religion
January 31, 2018
To Fall in Love or Not?
January 31, 2018

If you think that you are a wanderer

What is a wanderer? Some wanderers are ETs who have come from elsewhere to planet Earth for this incarnation or at this time. Many other wanderers are earth natives who have matured spiritually to the point of awakening to their metaphysical identity, thereby making the worldly identity-less real, and creating the sense of being a stranger in a strange land.

Both types of wanderers are in the same situation here on Earth now, in that they often don’t fit in well here, for their inner universe has shifted, and the “real” world for them has shifted from the earthly world to the aesthetic and ethical innerness of the metaphysical world.

Wanderers are each unique and come in all shapes and sizes, but their likeliest common characteristics are a sense of alienation and isolation as they make choices of how to live and be, and cope with a strong and increasing inner knowing that they are here to serve. The lesson and mission that all wanderers have in common is to give and receive love.

Their common service is to be themselves, in as true and deep a way possible in each moment, as they are working on this life lesson. The main mission is a ministry of being, of living in the open heart that is the deepest self of all beings within incarnation here. They are light anchors, bringing light through into the earth planes as they breathe in and breath out with an open and loving heart.

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